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Flame retardant fabric

Anti-static fabric

Keywords:  Anti-static fabric, anti-static clothing for anti-static workwear
Our company is a professional manufacturer of XINXINGFR anti-static fabric, anti-static clothing for anti-static workwear in China. And our anti-static fabric, anti-static clothing can meet the standards of USA and Europe such as EN1149-1, EN1149-2, EN1149-3, EN1149-5 etc.
 Technical  Details
 Material  100% cotton,  CVC60/40,  TC65/35,  CN88/12
 Weight  180,200,260,280,320,360,420 gsm
 Width  57/58", 59/60", 43/44",
 Fiber Type  Strip,  Checked
 Surface Resistivity  < 2.5 x 10^9 Ohms
 Electric Density  < 7 uc/m2,
 Standards  EN1149-1, EN1149-2, EN1149-3, EN1149-5
 MOQ  1500 m
 Delivery  20 days
 Note   Fabric can be special woven and color can be special dyed

XINXINGFR anti-static fabric is just the suitable fabric for anti-static workwear and garments, and the main features are as below: 
1). Anti-static fabric is composited of anti-static fibre, cotton and polyester blended fibres.
2). Processed by XINXINGTEX technique. 
3). anti-static fabric has achieved the standards of  EN1149-1, EN1149-3 etc. 
4). We have large workshops and testing center, where all the performances of anti-static fabric can be tested at any time.
5). The original material is first-grand combed cotton fibre and finished by special printing technique.
6). XINXINGFR anti-static fabric is durable against normal washing and stands 50 times washing, non-poisonous to smell. Safe to human body and comfortable, breathable, soft to wear.
7). In addition to the vast domestic market, we have already exported our XINIXNGFR anti-static fabric to USA, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia etc. 
Our EN1149 anti-static fabric, anti-static clothing are durable against normal washing, non-poisonous, Smell free, safe to human body, soft and comfortable to wear. They are suitable for metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire-fighting, military and other industries to make antistatic Protective work wear. Also, they can be used in interior decoration and business life.

We can also produce other series of anti-static fabric: anti-static and flame retardant fabric,anti-static and waterproof fabric, anti-static and anti-acid fabric, anti-static and anti-UV fabric.
If you need special specifications of Anti-static fabric, we can customize our producing for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.