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Flame retardant knitted fabric

FR knitted fabric

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Our company is a professtional manufacturer of flame retardant knitted fabric, flame retardant knitted clothing. We can produce good quality of flame retardant knitted fabric with our XINXINGFR technology.
Our flame retardant knitted fabric, flame retardant knitted clothing are mainly used for flame retardant knitted garments and workwear. And our flame retardant knitted fabric can meet the standards of CFR 1616, CFR 1615 etc.
Our flame retardant knitted fabric with flame retardant performance of durability, can wash more than 50 times. The flame retardant fabric can not only effectively prevent the fire spreading, and can keep the original performance fabric. With the cloth of the flame retardant flame retardant protective clothing has excellent washing resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, with a soft wet absorption, air, excellent elasticity and extensibility and its producibility. Knitting clothing, wearing comfortable, close-fitting and body no-clasp tight feeling, can fully embody the body curve. Application: can be used for infant children's wear, pajamas, underwear, bedding and decorative cloth, and is suitable for the combat arms under special circumstances, such as pilot, Marine corps, explosion-proof troops, ships troops, artillery and armored forces. By the CFR - 1633 fire test.

 Technical  Details
 Function  Flame retardant, flame resistant, fire resistant
 Material  100% cotton
 Weight  80- 500 gsm
 Width  62/63"
 Style  Fleece, Rib, Interlock, Jersey
 ATPV Value  12 cal/cm2,
 Standards  CFR 1615, CFR 1616,
 MOQ  100 KG
 Delivery  15 days
USA standards: CFR 1615, CFR 1616,
Used for protective workwear, uniform, garments, gloves.

If you need our XINXINGFR flame retardant knitted fabric, please contact us.
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