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Anti-UV fabric

Anti-UV fabric,UV protective fabric, UV cut fabric

Keywords: Anti-UV fabric, UV protective fabric, UV-ray cut fabric,
Our company is a professtional manufacturer of anti-UV fabric, UV protective fabric. We can produce good quality of anti-UV fabric, UV protective fabric with our XINXINGTEX technology.
Our anti-UV fabric, anti-UV clothing, UV protective fabric are mainly used for anti-UV garments and workwear.
Our XINXINGTEX Anti-UV fabric has good absorption and emission effect on 180-400 nm UV wavelengths, especially the UV-A and UV-B, shielding strong sex, UV transmittance < 3%. The rate of washing many times defensing ultraviolet ray is still above 85%, and especially suitable for field smock, plateau, and the sun umbrella etc.
Xinxing UV protection fabric products is non-poisonous, safe to human body, no stimulation to skin, no allergic reaction, has good absorption capability. According to customer requirements, all Xinxing Anti-UV fabric can reach UPF50 + , are well-protected against uv.
Technical  Details (XINXINGTEX Technology)
 Composition  100% cotton,or CVC
 Weight  100- 500g/m2
 Width  57/58", 59/60", 43/44"
 Color  Orange, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Khaki
 UV shielding rate  ≥95%
 UPF value  20+  30+  40+  50+
 Formaldehyde  ≤ 100 ppm
 Washing endurability  ≥50 times
 Standards  AS/NZS 4399:1996, EN 13758-1, AATCC 183,
AS/NZS 4399:1996, EN 13758-1, AATCC 183,
out door wearing, workwear, skee wearing, and other garments,

If you need our Anti-UV fabric, UV protective fabric, please contact us.
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