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Anti-acid & alkali fabric

Anti-acid & alkali fabric

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Our Anti-acid & alkali fabric(also called acid resistant fabric) is suitable to make anti-acid workwear and chemical protective garment. The anti-acid fabric has long penetrate time of acid or alkali, high resistance of acid pressure, low strength lose while soaked in acid and alkali. so the anti-acid & alkali fabric can provide excellent protection to the workers. Based on our XINXINGTEX technology, our anti-acid & alkali fabric can achieve the International Standard such as EN 368, EN 13034, ISO 6530, NFPA 1992 etc.
 Technical  Details
 Function optional  Anti acid & alkali, anti oil and water, easy to cleaning,Durable, abrasion proof, Breathability, 
 Repellency Index  >90%
 Penetration Index  <5%
 Coating  Optional
 Pattern  Twill, Satin, Plain, Canvas, Denim
 Color  Orange, navy, yellow, grey, black, white, khaki,
 Technology  Continues dyed process, 3-4 color fastness, no fade
 High tear strength, soft. no pilling,stable Dimension
 MOQ  1500 meters
 Package  Standard package within double plastic bags with label
 Delivery  20 days

 Fabric  Material
 Composition  65% polyester / 35% cotton,     or 100% cotton,
 Weight  150g/㎡-450g/㎡
 Type  Twill, Satin, Plain, Canvas, Denim
 Width  57/58",  59/60",  43/44"
 Characteristics  High strength, soft, non pilling, small shrinkage, low formaldehyde
 Note  Texture can be special woven and color can be special dyed
EN 368, EN 13034, ISO 6530, NFPA 1992, AATCC22, AATCC118, DIN 32763,
chemical industry, petrifaction, machinery,shipment, car, mining,

Our advantages:
1. We have our own factory producing special functional fabric.
2. We can control quality and delivery time, and also have a good cost performance.
3. All quality of products can meet first quality ware of European community America and UK, the almost products are exported to America, Australia and European community etc.
4. We have our own testing center; all the physical, chemical and special performances of the special protective fabrics could be tested at anytime.
anti-acid fabric, acid resistant fabric

If you need special specifications of our Anti-acid & alkali fabric, we can customize our producing for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.