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Bib pants

Flame retardant Bib Pants, fire resistant pants

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Our XINXINGFR Flame retardant bib pants are made of high quality flame retardant fabric. The flame retardant bib pants have permanent flame retardance, without melding and dropping. Besides, our flame retardant trousers can also be anti-static and waterproof and oil-resistant. And the fire resistant pants has good performances on heat protecting and chemical stability. As further, if necessary, the accessories can also be flame retardant, such as chain, fastener, sewing threads etc.
Our flame retardant bib pants and fire resistant trousers garment are soft, light, washing endurable, and they are used widely in fire fighting, road rescue, emergency, disaster rescue, welding, smelting, petroleum, gas, chemical, electric, aviation.
 Technical Details (XINXINGFR)
 Function optional  FR, anti-static, waterproof, oil-resistant, anti- UV
 Style  Jacket, Coat, Outer wear, Upper garment
 Size  S  M  L  XL  XXL
 Color  Orange, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Khaki
 Note  Fashionable, practical design, custom packaging
 Fabric Material
 Material  100% cotton
 Weight  180,200,260,280,320,360,420 gsm
 Type  Twill, Satin, Canvas (external), Plain cloth (inner)
 Technology  High quality long continuous dyeing, class 3-4 color fastness, not easy to fade
 Characteristics  High strength, soft, non pilling, small shrinkage, low formaldehyde
 Note  Texture and fabric can be special woven and color can be special dyed
EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, NFPA2112, NFPA70E, GB8965.1
fire fighting, road rescue, emergency, disaster rescue, welding, smelting, petroleum, gas, chemical, electric, aviation,

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